Innovation Counts

Fenix continues to advance illumination technology.

Turning precision LEDs into consistent illumination takes the full spectrum of disciplines. Power management extracts – and balances – energy from on-board batteries. Optical engineering focuses LED output on each light’s requirements for distance and dispersion. Ergonomic design puts easily-operated controls in a lightweight package for hand, head or handlebars.

Extensive testing exceeds baseline ANSI standards.

Lighting products are, as a category, inconsistent in quality even when it comes to performance ratings. Actual illumination and durability in the field can vary dramatically. As one of the first manufacturers to embrace ANSI, Fenix exceeds industry standards with additional in-house testing protocols.

Production methods make innovation repeatable.

Real Value Adds Up

Verified lumens per dollars are the start.

Accurate, verified testing is important as Fenix’ performance ratings are trustworthy. As a result, comparing models in any range will reveal the significant value Fenix delivers to users. It’s no wonder public service professionals, skilled workers and passionate outdoor men and women are sold on the brand. Durability that reflects real-world use confirms Fenix brings value to the task at hand– and will truly Illuminate Your AdventureTM.

Models fit the work – or fun – that’s ahead.

Start with activity. Dial in battery preference. Consider lumen output. Decide on weight. Take a look at price. The growing Fenix line accommodates everyone from attic explorers to South American adventure racers. With a common heritage of reliability and durability, each Series lines up with the requirements of active, value-minded users. At Fenix, no light is put forward without meeting preferences for a situation-specific power source, illumination levels, and controls.

A Limited Lifetime Guarantee means confidence for years.

Fenix models are formed from aircraft-grade aluminum, special alloys and performance plastics. With the intention of an extended service life, each product carries a warranty born of belief. Now, buying Fenix adds another level of confidence even for users operating in life-and-death situations every day.