Spartan and Huntsman Wood

Functionality packed between exquisitely crafted wooden scales, is the best way to describe the new Spartan and Huntsman Wood pocket knives. The scales are made of durable and elegant walnut. Each piece is unique due to the natural grain. The Spartan and Huntsman Wood can be used in everyday life as a perfect and noble companion. These useful helpers are lightweight pocket-sized toolboxes that are always at hand. Your favorite EDC for sure!


The CyberTool

We took the traditional Officer's knife functions and added tools like a bit wrench to match new standards in the electronics industry. And that legend continues into the digital age with the CyberTool pocket knife. It's everything you need to become a superuser.


Modern Cutlery

The new Swiss Modern range from Victorinox makes preparing and eating food a delight for the senses, combining elegant walnut and a multitude of functions. All the knives in the range feature blades made from stainless and wear-resistant steel. Their precision edges enable effortless cutting and produce the finest cutting surfaces. The handles are made of European walnut – richly grained, dark-brown wood, making each knife genuinely unique. And something else puts Swiss Modern knives in a class of their own – the walnut, which feels unbelievably warm and natural. The geometrically shaped handles create a dynamic impact and give mankind’s oldest and most important tool a contemporary feel.


Sharpening Your Blade

Extend the life of your blade by sharpening correctly. Watch this video to learn how to sharpen steel and ceramic blades as well as Swiss Army Knives.